TOC 1500 HP - Site Preparation Guide 

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Liam Couttie

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29 November 18

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29 November 19


TOC 1500 HP - Site Preparation Guide

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TOC Range (All Models)
Site Preparation Guide

Copyright © Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd 2018 — TOC Range Site Preparation Guide Rev 1 RSID 2811 EN —03/12/2018

Site Preparation Guide


Contents 2
Change History


How to use this Manual


Customer Responsibilities


Safety Notices


Symbols 5
Safety Notice to Users


Site Preparation


Environmental Control


Space Provision


Electrical Requirements


On-Site Transit


Page 2

Change History




How to use this Manual
This manual is intended for end users and has been written so that it can either be read
as a step by step guide to site preparation or as a reference document where you can
skip to the relevant information.
Users can refer to the contents page to find the relevant information.
Please review each of the following sections carefully.
Thank you for selecting Peak Scientific to meet your Gas Generation needs, and should
you require any further assistance or support please do not hesitate to contact Peak
Scientific or Peak Partner from which you purchased your Generator.

Page 3

Customer Responsibilities
To ensure a successful and timely installation of our Peak generator, please refer to this
set of requirements.
Correct site preparation is the first key step in ensuring that your generator and systems
operate reliably over an extended lifetime.
This document is an information guide and checklist that outline the requirements for
your site.
It is essential that your site meets the following specification prior to the installation date.

The necessary spatial requirements are met.

The correct environment is provided for the generator.

Electrical outlet locations and quantities are planned.

Adequate exhaust ventilation is provided.

The correct tubing lengths and diameters are used in relation to the
distancefrom the instrument.

Failure to meet the site requirements of your Peak generator as stated above and
detailed in this document could result in the unit underperforming and possible loss of

Page 4

Safety Notices
Peak Scientific Instruments cannot anticipate every possible circumstance which may
represent a potential hazard. The warnings detailed within this manual detail the most
known potential hazards, but by definition cannot be all inclusive. If the user employs
an operating procedure, item of equipment or a method of working which is not
specifically recommended by Peak Scientific, the user must ensure that the equipment
will not be damaged or become hazardous to persons or property.

This manual uses the following symbols to highlight specific areas important to the safe
and proper use of the Generator


A WARNING notice denotes a hazard. It calls attention to an operating procedure,
process or similar, which if not correctly performed or adhered to, could cause
personal injury or in the worst case death. Do not proceed beyond a WARNING
notice until the indicated conditions are fully understood or met.


A CAUTION notice denotes a hazard. It calls attention to an operating procedure,
process or similar, which if not correctly performed or adhered to, could cause
damage to the Generator or the Application. Do not proceed beyond a CAUTION
notice until the indicated conditions are fully understood or met.
Caution, risk of electric shock. Ensure power to the Generator has been removed
before proceeding.

Safety Notice to Users




Page 5

These instructions must be read thoroughly and understood before
installation and operation of your Peak Generator. Use of the Generator
in a manner not specified by Peak Scientific MAY impair the SAFETY
provided by the equipment.
When handling, operating or carrying out any maintenance, personnel
must employ safe engineering practices and observe all relevant local
health and safety requirements and regulations. The attention of UK
users is drawn to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the
Institute of Electrical Engineers regulations.
If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer,
the protection provided by the equipment maybe impaired.

Site Preparation
Environmental Control
If the generator is stored in an enclosed space the environment must be controlled via
an air conditioner or extraction fan. The generator should be located indoors on a flat
surface and should be, within reason, protected from direct sunlight, moisture and dust.

Generator MUST NOT be stored or installed outside.

Do not position the generator in a way that is difficult to operate and
disconnect safely.

Page 6

Space Provision
The minimum space should be provided as follows:

660 mm

TOC 1500

625 mm

160 mm

695 mm

TOC 1500 HP

770 mm


Page 7

410 mm

Failure to provide adequate cooling space around the generator
may cause damage to the generator. This will reduce service life and
invalidate warranty.

Electrical Requirements
Connect the generator into an appropriate voltage supply between 100-240V rms, refer
to the generator serial plate for input specification and ensure your supply matches the
If the appropriate power cord is not supplied; a new plug, rated to at least 10 amps, can
be fitted by a qualified electrician.


This unit is classified as SAFETY CLASS 1. THIS UNIT MUST BE
EARTHED. Before connecting the unit to the mains supply, please
check the information on the serial plate. The mains supply must be of
the stated AC voltage and frequency.


Green & Yellow or


LIVE (L):-




Neutral (N):-




If the mains power at your location is outside the required range of 100-240V rms
nominal, then a transformer suitable transformer should be sourced, to boost the mains
power to an acceptable level.
The power cable supplied with the generator is 2m long. A mains socket providing
the power should be located adjacent to the generator and within a 1.5m radius to the


TOC 1500HP Model Shown

Page 8

On-Site Transit
Take care when moving the generator in its shipping crate through doorways and other
openings such as elevators. The shipping weights are stated in the generators User
Manual, please ensure correct lifting practices are employed for your units shipping

Page 9

Peak Scientific has highly trained, fully certified Field Service Engineers located in over 20 countries
across every continent around the world. This allows us to provide an industry-leading rapid response
service to our customers. With [Peak Protected], your laboratory’s productivity becomes our top
To discuss Peak Protected generator cover and payment options speak to your local Peak
Representative or for further information contact:

Peak Scientific
Fountain Crescent
Inchinnan Business Park
Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 141 812 8100
Fax: +44 141 812 8200
For further information on any of our
generator products please contact

Copyright © Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd 2018 — TOC Range Site Preparation Guide Rev 1 RSID 2811 EN —03/12/2018

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