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Infinity - Sales One Sheet (EN)

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Simple, hassle-free
nitrogen gas for your laboratory
with Infinity
Peak Infinity gas generators represent the most cost effective method of supplying your laboratory
instruments with nitrogen gas. Combining high performance with value for money, Infinity series generators
are engineered to be reliable, discreet and easy to use, capable of delivering nitrogen gas and dry air to a
variety of LC-MS instruments, 24 hours a day. Effectively silent, with no moving parts, Infinity generators are
an ideal solution for facilities with their own supply of house air.

No changing cylinders or
running out during analysis

Constant quality and purity of
gas, no risk of contamination

Streamline workflow, faster
sample throughput

Reduce carbon footprint by
eliminating recurring
gas deliveries

Eliminate on-going costs of
cylinders, manage lifetime
running costs

Comprehensive on-site
warranty & service contracts

Complete N2 solutions for your laboratory
If you still rely on high pressure cylinders as a source of nitrogen for
your mass-spectrometers and other gas-hungry lab instruments, Peak
Scientific can provide you with a more economical and convenient
solution. Our Infinity nitrogen gas generators are manufactured to
the highest standards, incorporating the latest components and
quality assurance processes, gained from two decades of expertise in
gas generation. Furthermore, we can provide any required ancillary
equipment such as air compressor and filtration systems, as well as
handle the system installation and on-going maintenance.

Your local gas generation partner

Infinity Series
Infinity NM18L – NM45L
•Deliver N2 to instruments at flow rates from 18 - 45 L/min
•Reliable 24/7 source of gas on-demand
•Robust engineering with few moving parts ensures long life
•Silent in operation, low running costs (minimal maintenance)

Infinity 50 Series
•Variable flow rates ranging from 11-432 L/min at 95-99.5% purity
(dependent upon flow rate set)
•Capable of effortlessly supplying multiple laboratory instruments
•Purity failsafe included with O2 analyzer fitted as standard and optional
purity shutdown feature
• Tried and tested membrane technology for high purity gas

Dedicated solutions
Infinity 1031 – 1034

Dedicated gas solutions for Sciex LC-MS instruments
One output for curtain gas (N2) and one for source & one for exhaust (dry air)
Delivers 18 – 72 L/min N2, 26 – 104 L/min & 25 – 100 L/min of dry air depending on model
Compact design, robust engineering & capable of 24/7 operation if required.

Infinity 1045
)) Performs to specifications of Bruker EVOQ Triple Quad MS and instruments with similar
)) 32 L/min of N2 & 50 L/min of dry air delivered to instruments
)) Compact design, robust engineering & capable of 24/7 operation if required

Infinity 1051

Dedicated gas solution for Shimadzu 8050 & 8060 LC-MS instruments
Delivers up to 25 L/min (total) of N2 and /or dry air to instruments
Suitable for single instrument supply in standard gas mode
Compact design, robust engineering & capable of 24/7 operation if required.

Contact us today to discover more!

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