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10 May 19


FlexFlow - Leaflet (End User)

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Get more from FlexFlow

Some say you can’t have
your cake and eat it, but
we say different.
With FlexFlow from Peak Scientific, you can enjoy the best of
both worlds when it comes to instrument gas. Convenience,
safety and consistency of supply from a gas generator, with the
affordability and flexibility of a subscription at a low monthly cost.

How it Works

Your local gas generation partner

1. Sign up

Agree contract length (minimum 36 months) and pay
initial deposit (2 months’ subscription + freight )

2. Install

We come to your lab to install and commission generator

3. Gas 24/7

Instrument gas is supplied at the push of a button

4. Pay monthly

A fixed price regardless of how much gas is used

5. Maintained

Annual servicing , parts and rapid response on-site
breakdown cover included

6. Flexible

Upgrade your subscription at any time to match
changing flow requirement

A convenient 24/7 gas solution
for laboratory instruments from
as little as $27 per day*
*Typical illustration based on FlexFlow gas subscription service for
an LC-MS Triple Quad on 60 month contract.

On demand gas subscription service

To find out more about how FlexFlow can provide you
with hassle-free instrument gas, please speak to your
Peak sales rep or visit our website.

Lower your monthly lab gas
costs by up to 50%


Less cost

Less hassle

Less stress

With FlexFlow, expect to save up to 50% on the cost of buying lab gas,

Are you fed-up of running out of gas at the worst possible moment and your

With FlexFlow, we take away all the worry of generator ownership,

with the biggest saving for high-usage users running their equipment all day, all

analysis grinding to a halt? Let FlexFlow remove all the hassle of cylinders - gas

maintenance and servicing - leaving you to focus on what’s important to you -

week. Even those with a good deal on gas can expect lower costs.

should be the last thing on your mind.

your work.

No annual or bi-annual price increases
No delivery charges
No need to pay for staff cylinder usage training
No purchase and on-going maintenance of regulators
No energy/fuel surcharges
No time required to changeover cylinders

High cylinder usage vs. FlexFlow

Gas on demand - nitrogen supply at the push of a button
No more changing over cylinders or dewars
No manual handling of heavy pressurized cylinders
Never run-out of gas again
No need for health and safety training for staff
No need to deal with frequent deliveries and admin

Typical cylinder usage vs. FlexFlow


This graph illustrates the potential cost saving for a high usage laboratory, running a mass-spec
for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week. This does not factor in the additional hidden costs of buying gas
including delivery, environmental tax etc.


FlexFlow plan


Discounted cylinder
cost (-10%)

Cost of gas

FlexFlow plan
Gas Generator

Typical cost of cylinder gas

costs by


Discounted cylinder
cost (-25%)

Typical cost of cylinder gas

Cost of gas

costs by

Gas Generator

This graph illustrates the potential cost saving for a typical/low usage laboratory, running a
mass spec for 4 hours/day, 5 days/week. This does not factor in the additional hidden costs of
buying gas including delivery, environmental tax etc

Streamline lab workflow, increase productivity
Service and upkeep included
Rapid response on-site technical support
No worries about maintaining supply
Reduce impact on lab budgets and bottom line
No risk of contamination with a closed system

FlexFlow also brings to your lab

No more health & safety concerns over highly pressurized gas storage


Flexibility to change gas subscription level to match any increases in demand


Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint & eliminate the requirement to
have repeated gas supply deliveries trucked to your facility

Local Service

As part of this service your generator will be installed by a fully trained Peak
engineer who is based locally to you. Should an issue arise, a local engineer will
be on-site to keep your gas flowing and your lab stress-free.

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