Wine Making & Production - i-Flow Industry Application 

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10 May 19


Wine Making & Production - i-Flow Industry Application

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Industry Application

your nitrogen
gas costs
with i-Flow

Nitrogen generation solutions
for Wine Making & Production
Companies operating in the highly competitive wine industry,
know that oxygen contamination & exposure can have
significant effects on product quality, as well as stability
and suitability for consumption. Oxidation of wine leads
to spoiling and deterioration, observed through changes in
smell, taste, texture and manifests as a rancid, vinegary taste
which, in some cases, can make the consumer ill. These highly
undesirable outcomes ultimately impact on both company
reputation and customer experience.
Protect your company’s bottom line with on-site
nitrogen generation.

) Save


) Control


Guarantee Supply

) Reduce


Wine processing, storage & bottling
Nitrogen gas is the most cost effective industry solution.
Clean, dry & inert, it is used at numerous stages of the wine
making process to prevent bacterial growth and ensure
product quality, helping to:

Sparge out dissolved contaminants (e.g. O2 or CO2)
Blanket storage tanks to prevent spoiling
Purge air and moisture from bottles prior to filling
Purge equipment to limit bacteria & future contamination

Key benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

Guaranteed supply
Increased efficiencies,
maximum productivity and
minimum downtime

Increased safety
No need for pressurized gas
storage so safer than bulk
delivery options

Less wastage
Consistent and reliable
supply means fewer product
defects or rejections

Eliminate on-going costs
No more equipment rental,
long contracts or re-supply

More sustainable
Reduced carbon footprint
by eliminating trucking of
cylinders to your site

Future proof
Expandable on-demand
N2 generation that meets
future needs

Typical nitrogen generation system
i-Flow Nitrogen Generator
& Expansion Column


Nitrogen Process Tank

Addtional units replaced by
Peak PureAir System

ISO 8573-1:2010
Class 1.2.1 Air Quality
(critical to meeting the
optimal standard of
the feed air.)



Air Filtration System

Consultative Solutions
Global Leader
Peak is the leading global manufacturer of
nitrogen generation systems.
Turnkey Solutions
Our team of highly experienced consultants
are experts in designing turnkey solutions
that perfectly meet customer needs.
Expertise & Support
Our vast industry and technological
expertise, coupled with world-class
aftercare support, means we define
the benchmark for customer service,
innovation, quality and reliability.
Project Management
Our project teams manage every stage of
the process through initial consultation,
system design, procurement, installation/
commissioning and keep you fully informed
at each step.
Global Partnership
Together with our industry leading partners
in compression & filtration technologies,
we offer the best and most diverse
technological solutions available on the

Contact us today to
discover more!
North America
Tel: +1 866 647 1649

Tel: +44 (0) 141 812 8100


Your sustainable and expandable nitrogen generation solution
The i-Flow nitrogen generator from Peak Industrial eliminates the need for bulk
nitrogen gas delivery and provides you with a sustainable, on-site nitrogen gas
generation system that will deliver massive efficiency & cost savings in the long
It is a modular & scalable design that harnesses the latest in gas purification
technologies, providing a wide range of purity and flow rates to suit most


Economical & sustainable

A cost effective solution that eliminates the need for
bulk nitrogen gas delivery forever.

) Expandable


i-Flow’s space saving, future-proof modular design
allows columns & units to be added as your business

) Energy

saving efficiency

An innovative ‘Eco-mode’ ensures the lowest running
costs by automatically managing production based
on your daily demands.

) Verified

industry compliance

Exceeding standards of EIGA, EC Food Grade,
European Pharmacopoeia, JEFCA and US Food &
Drug Administration (CFR Title 21) with Peak IQ/OQ


Safe on-site supply

No more health & safety concerns over hazardous
truck deliveries or storage of gases in highly
pressurized cylinders or tanks.

) High

quality engineering

Peak is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and
i-Flow’s highly efficient technology requires minimal
maintenance and supervision.

) Expert


Peak’s professional consultants will expertly design
an end-to-end solution to meet your needs.

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