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Compressor free brochure

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Solaris, Infinity XE, analytical, laboratory

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Peak Scientific

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Your local gas generation partner

Solaris & Infinity XE
Nitrogen gas generators for
analytical laboratory applications

Discover more at

Why choose Solaris
or Infinity for your
nitrogen needs?






High purity nitrogen gas on demand
Up to 99.5% purity with flow rates ranging up to 520 L/min for
even the most demanding laboratory applications.
Simple operation and long working life
Easy to configure and few moving parts* means systems are
low maintenance and low noise.
Safe and convenient gas supply
Eliminate recurring costs of ordering and hazards of
handling high pressure gas cylinders or dewars.
Advanced hollow fiber membrane module technology
High purity performance and long lifetime durability from the
highest specification membranes.
Small laboratory footprint
Minimal footprint to save valuable lab space, with bench-top
(Solaris) and free standing (Infinity XE) solutions.
High quality engineering
Designed, engineered and tested to highest standards at our
UK ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing center.

*exception being optional compressor


Why Peak Scientific
Providing your lab with a reliable source of gas at the push of a button, a Peak gas generator
takes away the hassle and inconvenience of handling cylinders in your lab, allowing you to work
more efficiently. With 20 years’ experience in gas generation and our unique brand promise
to deliver on-site service and support, having a Peak in your lab means you can focus on what
really matters.

As we have grown to become a leader in gas generation, so has our specific expertise and
experience in the analytical instrument market. With a global infrastructure including offices in
over 15 countries, we are uniquely placed to deliver local and personal support wherever our
customers may be. When you buy Peak, you are buying not just technology, but the reassurance
that comes from having a truly local partner in your lab.

Exceptional Expertise

Over 32,000 generators sold globally over the past 20 years.

Approved and validated gas solutions with most major LC-MS
manufacturers including Waters, Sciex, Agilent, Thermo-Fisher,
Shimadzu and Bruker.

Many experienced staff with over a decade of service and with
some over 20 years – we know our business!

Exceptional Service

Over 100 employees in 25 countries delivering direct on-site
support in your local language.

Rapid-response 72 hour guaranteed on-site engineer coverage
globally (48hrs or less in many countries).

Same-day global shipment of replacement parts
(if ordered before 2pm, UK).

Exceptional Quality

Modern manufacturing with industry-leading quality control.

Generators designed, engineered and hand-built in UK to
ISO 9001 standards.

Rigorous certification and compliance testing in accordance
with CSA, CE, FCC, and EMC.


ELSD and Compact MS
Solaris 10 is a compact, convenient nitrogen
source for applications with lower flow
demands, such as ELSD and Compact Mass

Solaris 10
Peak Scientific’s Solaris Nitrogen generator has been developed to provide an
optimal gas generation solution for ELSD or Compact Mass Spectrometers, with
the goal of reducing instrument downtime and improving workflow efficiencies.
Engineered with a space-saving design, Solaris 10 can be placed on a benchtop
and paired with an additional optional Solaris air compressor unit to provide air
supply for labs without an in-house air supply or for those who wish to contain
their gas supply in a single system.

High purity nitrogen for ELSD or
Compact Mass Spectrometers
Flows up to 10 L/min at 100 psi and up
to 99.5% purity
Compact benchtop form factor
Color indicative LED lighting for easy
status awareness
Optional Solaris Air Compressor
stackable module
Manufactured and tested to highest
specifications in UK; CE and FCC


Bench-top solution for your LC-MS
The Solaris XE can effortlessly provide laboratory
grade nitrogen for labs with 1-2 Mass Spectrometers.

Solaris XE
Peak Scientific’s Solaris XE generator has been engineered using membrane technology to
meet the gas delivery requirements for labs using LC-MS, Compact MS or multiple ELSDs.
Solaris XE can operate with varying flow rates (up to 35L/min of high purity nitrogen), purity
(up to 99.5%) and outlet pressure can be adjusted down from 116psi, offering a flexible solution
for a variety of applications.
The Solaris XE range has been engineered to provide nitrogen to laboratories that utilize an
external source of compressed air, which meets a minimum quality grade of ISO 8573-1:2010
Class 1.4.1, and its compact, space-saving chassis allows it to be placed on a benchtop, on a wall
or beneath an instrument* taking up minimal space in the lab.

Nitrogen up to 35L/min, up to 116 psi
and up to 99.5% purity
Variable outlet flow, pressure and
Compact, stackable* system maximizing
the use of valuable laboratory floor or
bench space
Color indicative LED lighting for easy
status awareness
Manufactured and tested to highest
spec in UK, CE/FCC certified
Safer and more convenient than
pressurized cylinders, dewars or bulk

*units stacked on top of Solaris must not exceed 100kg/220.4lbs

Multiple instrument N2 solution
for your whole laboratory
For larger labs with three or more mass spectrometers
in the lab, or more demanding applications requiring
higher flow and/or high purity (up to 99.5%) our
Infinity XE 50 series, with flow rates up to 520 L/min,
are the ideal solution.

Infinity XE
Producing up to 520 L/min of high purity nitrogen gas, Infinity XE 50 series can comfortably
supply multiple laboratory instruments simultaneously. With 8 models in the range offering various
flows and purity capabilities up to 99.5% and a new PurityGuard™ for purity-critical applications
(model dependent), Infinity XE 50 gives you a centralized solution to meet the demands of your
whole laboratory which may include multiple LC-MS, ELSD and sample evaporators. With no
moving parts and quiet in operation, our Infinity XE 50 series is easy to service and requires
minimal maintenance.

Flow rates ranging from 10-520 L/min*
Variable N2 purities, ranging from 95-99.5%*
Maximum output pressure of 135 psi
Built upon tried & tested membrane
Compact, space saving design
Optional PurityGuard™, with auto-shutdown
Energy efficient eco-mode ensures low
running cost

* Dependent on inlet pressure, inlet/outlet flow & inlet air quality

Installation and compressed air supply
With global coverage and decades of expertise in gas generation in the lab, we can provide
direct support, advice and guidance on specification and installation of your Solaris XE or
Infinity XE N2 system. Please talk to your local Peak Scientific representative for assistance in
selection and installation in your facility – that’s where we excel.

As Solaris XE and Infinity XE do not contain internal air compressors, a supply of clean dry
compressed air (conforming to ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1.4.1) is required to operate the system.
This may be available in your laboratory already, but if not, we can assist in supply or
recommendations to install an external compressed air system suitable for your generator.
Normally this would be located elsewhere outside the laboratory to minimize noise and vibration.

When purity is mission-critical
For specialized laboratory applications where maintaining a very precise minimum purity of nitrogen
is essential, our Infinity XE 50X1 models are the answer. The 5011, 5021, 5031 and 5041 models feature
our new PurityGuard™ auto-shut down, in the event of any drop in nitrogen purity below the specified
threshold. This factory set feature continuously monitors the purity of nitrogen gas being generated
and if this deviates for a period, the generator will provide a ‘high oxygen warning’ and initiate a timed
system auto-shutdown.

This additional feature is the only difference between the four standard Infinity XE 50 models
(5010-5040) and the four 50X1 models. For LC-MS nitrogen supply only, we recommend the standard
models as the higher purity is not an issue for normal mass-spec analysis.

Please note the PurityGuard™ feature is not an optional extra to be added to an existing Infinity XE 50 after installation - it must
be specified at order and is only available on the 5011-5041 models.


Solaris Series
Technical Specifications

Solaris 10

Solaris XE

Max Flow Rate*

up to 10 L/min

up to 35 L/min

Purity N2*

up to 99.5%*

up to 95-99.5 %*

Max Outlet Pressure

up to 100 psi / 6.9 bar (user adjustable)

Inlet Air Quality Requirement

up to 116 psi / 8 bar (user adjustable)

ISO8573 - 1:2010 (1:4:1)

Inlet Air Pressure Requirement

80 psi/ 5.5 bar - 130 psi/ 8.9 bar

80 psi/5.5 bar - 145 psi/10 bar

Dimensions H x W x D

156 x 416 x 540 mm / 6.1 x 16.4 x 21.3”

156 x 343 x 650 mm / 6.1 x 13.5 x 25.6’’

Ordering Information



Solaris Compressor
Technical Specifications
Ordering Information





Infinity XE Series
Technical Specifications
Max Flow Rate*

Infinity XE 5010

Infinity XE 5020

Infinity XE 5030

Infinity XE 5040

up to 60L/min

up to 120 L/min

up to 180L/min

up to 240L/min

Purity N2 *


Max Outlet Pressure

100psi default (user adjustable)

Inlet Air Quality Requirement

ISO 8753-1:2010 (1:4:1)

Inlet Air Pressure Requirement

125psi (8.6 bar) minimum

Dimensions H x W x D
Ordering Information

Technical Specifications
Max Flow Rate*

995 x 500 x 500 x mm / 39.2 x 19.7 x 19.7”








Infinity XE 5011

Infinity XE 5021

Infinity XE 5031

Infinity XE 5041

10-130 L/min

20-260 L/min

30-390 L/min

40-520 L/min

Purity N2*


Max Outlet Pressure

135 psi

Inlet Air Quality Requirement

ISO 8753-1:2010 (1:4:1)

Inlet Air Pressure Requirement

60 psi/4.1 bar - 145 psi/ 10 bar

Dimensions H x W x D
Ordering Information

995 x 500 x 500 x mm / 39.2 x 19.7 x 19.7”








*Dependant on inlet pressure, inlet/outlet flow and inlet air quality

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