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08 May 18

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Solaris - Sales One Sheet (EN)

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Solaris - Reliable and cost-effective
nitrogen generators for ELSD
and LC-MS
With flow rates ranging from 3-35L/min, depending on model, Solaris generators are compact and economical
nitrogen gas solutions for labs. The Solaris 10, available with an optional stackable compressor unit, is suitable for
ELSD, Compact Mass Spectrometry and TLD Readers whilst the Solaris XE can supply a single LC-MS or multiple
lower flow laboratory instruments requiring nitrogen. These models have been built with space-saving in mind
requiring only limited laboratory benchspace.

No changing cylinders or
running out during analysis

Constant quality and purity of
gas, no risk of contamination

Eliminate on-going costs of
cylinders, manage lifetime
running costs

Streamline workflow, faster
sample throughput

Reduce carbon footprint by
eliminating recurring
gas deliveries

Comprehensive on-site
warranty & service contracts

Complete N2 solution for LC-MS, ELSD,
Compact Mass Specs & TLD Readers
Hand built and performance tested in our ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing
center of excellence, Solaris gives you a consistent, on-demand flow of
nitrogen gas. On-site nitrogen gas generation brings efficiency to your lab
by removing the inconvenience of cylinder changeovers, eliminating the
safety hazard of storing large volumes of gas at high pressures and removing
the requirement for repeated gas deliveries. If you still rely on high pressure
nitrogen cylinders as a source gas for your ELSD, LC-MS, compact mass
spectrometer or TLD reader analysis, Peak Scientific can provide you with a
more economical, convenient and sustainable alternative.

Your local gas generation partner

2 models to ensure the perfect
fit for your lab.
Solaris 10

Up to 10L/min, 95-99.5% Purity, 100 psi

Designed for ELSD, Compact Mass Spectrometry & TLD readers

Indicative LED lighting for easy status awareness

Solaris XE

Up to 35L/min, 95-99.5% Purity, 116psi

Designed for LC-MS, lower flow sample evaporators or
simultaneous Compact MS and ELSDs.

Indicative LED lighting for easy status awareness

Space-saving design, can be mounted on a wall or within a
*weight bearing up to 100Kg

Solaris Air Compressor for Solaris 10

Outlet Pressure of 120 - 145 psi

Takes up no extra footprint

Duplex compressor mounting system for low noise and vibration

Peak Scientific gas generators come backed by a 12 month warranty. Beyond this period, you can ensure that your investment
continues to be [Protected] by our comprehensive generator care cover.
Our world-class aftercare support packages deliver a program of scheduled preventative maintenance whilst giving you the
reassurance of instant access to worldwide technical support and priority on-site response in the untimely event of a breakdown.

Contact us today to discover more!
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