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i-Flow - Sales One Sheet (EN)

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i-Flow: Cost effective &
sustainable nitrogen gas
i-Flow is a scalable, on-site gas generation solution that is capable of producing high volumes of ultra-high purity
nitrogen, suitable for use in a variety of applications within industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical/
biotechnology & research, chemical processing, electronics manufacture, fabrication of metals/plastics/synthetics
and many more. Utilizing the latest Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technologies, i-Flow delivers a highly reliable,
cost effective and energy efficient solution, with over 100 preconfigured flow rate & purity specifications, allowing
companies to retain the flexibility to adapt supply to meet growing future demands.

Guaranteed supply
Increased efficiencies,
maximum productivity and
minimum downtime

Increased safety
No need for pressurized gas
storage so safer than bulk
delivery options

Less wastage
Consistent and reliable supply
means fewer product defects
or rejections

Eliminate on-going costs
No more equipment rental,
long contracts or re-supply

More sustainable
Reduced carbon footprint
by eliminating trucking of
cylinders to your site

Future proof
Expandable on-demand
N2 generation that meets
future needs

Total project design, delivery & management
If your company still relies on bulk nitrogen supply methods, such as cylinders
or dewars, for gas hungry manufacturing & processing applications, then
Peak Industrial can offer you a more convenient and cost effective alternative.
i-Flow comes as part of a complete turnkey nitrogen generation solution,
with all upstream ancillary equipment sourced and supplied by Peak, via our
strong global partnerships with industry leading compressor and filtration
companies. Our expert consultants manage the whole end-to-end process,
designing systems around your needs/specifications, ensuring supply
effectively meets current demand whilst leaving room for future expansion,
allowing your company to enjoy significant cost and productivity benefits in
the short and longer term.

Your local nitrogen generation partner


i-Flow 6000 Series
Economical & Sustainable
• The most cost effective on-site nitrogen gas supply solution,
available on demand 24/7
• Eliminates need for bulk nitrogen, gas cylinder or liquid dewar pur

Efficient & Robust
• Designed with an innovative ‘Eco-mode’, ensuring lowest daily running
• Latest PSA technology, engineered to the highest quality and
optimized for maximum productive efficiency

Future Proof
• Expandable system design allows retrospective scaling, with addition of
CMS banks or modular units
• Greater flexibility to adapt as facility demands change over time

High Flow & Purity
• Capable of delivering high volumes of nitrogen gas for applications, with
flow rates ranging from 30 to over 4000 L/min
• Consistent and ultra-high purity N2 gas available, ranging from 95
– 99.9995% (or 5ppm O2)

• Exceeds standards of EIGA, EC Food Grade, European Pharmacopoeia,
JEFCA & US FDA (CFR Title 21)
• Peak IQ/OQ certification available on request

Expert Consultation
• Industry-leading, professional system design and project
management service
• Full end-to-end project delivery, from initial consultation to installation &

Contact us today to discover more!
Web: www.peakindustrial.com

Copyright 2016 Peak Industrial - i-Flow single sheet rev 2 - 17/08/2016

Email: marketing@peakindustrial.com


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