Infinity XE 50 series - Sales One Sheet (EN) 

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09 January 19

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09 January 19


Infinity XE 50 series - Sales One Sheet (EN)

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Infinity XE 50 Series
Single nitrogen source for
multiple applications
The Infinity XE 50 series of compressorless laboratory nitrogen generators, utilize Peak’s custom-designed
membrane technology to deliver up to 520 L/min of high purity nitrogen for multiple laboratory instruments.
Available in two variants, the 50X0 models have been factory-set to deliver nitrogen specifically for LC-MS
instruments whilst the 50X1 models have an adjustable purity (up to 99.5%) determined by the inlet pressure
and gas flow required to deliver laboratory grade gas to multiple nitrogen dependent instruments in the lab.

Key Benefits





Convenient - No changing cylinders or running out of gas
during analysis.
Consistent - Constant quality and purity of gas, no risk of
Economic - Eliminate on-going costs of cylinders,
manage lifetime running costs.
Efficient - Streamline workflow, faster sample


LC-MS (See Infinity XE 5010-5040)




Sample Evaporators







Green - Reduce carbon footprint by eliminating recurring
gas deliveries.


Protected - Comprehensive on-site warranty & service

Multiple instrument nitrogen solution
Delivering a cost effective & energy efficient alternative to cylinder gas, dewars
or micro-bulk tanks, a single unit can meet the total nitrogen demands of
multiple instruments in your lab. With an optional built-in purity monitoring
system, with customer-specified auto-shutdown failsafe, Infinity XE provides
complete peace of mind and protection for your application.
As Infinity XE Series generators do not contain an internal compressor, an
external source of air is required, conforming to ISO8573-1:2010 Class 1.4.1, as
a minimum, in order to ensure optimal performance. Talk to your local Peak
representative for assistance if unsure or you require a compressor solution.

Your local gas generation partner

8 models to match your nitrogen needs

Infinity XE 50X0 - Key Features

Factory-set to deliver N2 for LC-MS instruments


Capable of supplying multiple LC-MS instruments


Four flow rate models delivering up to 60, 120, 180 and 240 L/min

Infinity XE 50X1 - Key Features

High purity nitrogen for multiple laboratory applications


Four models with variable flow rate (up to 520 L/min) in
relation to purity (up to 99.5%)


Optional purity safeguard with warning & failsafe auto-shutdown

Peak Scientific gas generators come backed by a 12 month warranty. Beyond this period, you can ensure that your investment
continues to be [Protected] by our comprehensive generator care cover.
Our world-class aftercare support packages deliver a program of scheduled preventative maintenance whilst giving you
the reassurance of instant access to worldwide technical support and priority on-site response in the untimely event of a

Contact us today to discover more!

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