Discontinuation Notice DN002 - NG10L-HP 

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Discontinuation Notice DN002 - NG10L-HP


Discontinuation, Notice, NG10L,HP, NG10L-HP

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Discontinuation Notice


Doc: DN-002

Revision: 0

Date: 07/10/15

Issued by: P. Gierga

© Peak Scientific 2015

The purpose of this document is to serve notice of the discontinuation of a product, to define the level of service support and where applicable, advise of any new or alternative models that replace the discontinued product.

Product(s) Discontinued
The following product(s) are affected by this discontinuation notice:

Part Number 10-1040

Model Number NG10L-HP – Dual Voltage

Effective Date
End of life notification has been issued in September 2014. Discontinuation of the product is effective of 07/10/2015. All discontinued part numbers have been removed from the vendor price list. Peak Scientific will no longer accept orders for this generator model.

Replacement Products
There are no direct replacements for this model. There will be products within the Peak Scientific product portfolio which will be able to deliver similar quantity or quality of Nitrogen gas. Please contact your Peak Scientific account manager should the requirement arise.

Doc: DN-002

Revision: 0

Date: 07/10/15

Issued by: P. Gierga

© Peak Scientific 2015

Service and Support
The following consumable items should be purchased and service performed on an annual basis:

Part Number 08-8221 Annual service kit contains: 00-4424 00-4427 02-4336

Part Description Annual Service Kit NG10L-HP

Filter Element 0.01micron Filter Element Active Carbon for 02-4556 Filter Element Silencer 02-4287 (green)

Peak Scientific will continue to fully support all discontinued generators for a period of 5 years after the date of discontinuation. Following this period, Peak Scientific will continue to support the generators as best as possible.

It should be noted that due to reduced order quantities of associated service and spare parts, Peak Scientific reserves the right to increase part and service costs after the product discontinuation date.

The NG10L-HP will be fully supported until October 2020.

Doc: DN-002

Revision: 0

Date: 07/10/15

Issued by: P. Gierga

© Peak Scientific 2015

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