NG 250A-1000A - User Manual 

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03 May 19


NG 250A-1000A - User Manual

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NG250, NG250A, NG1000, NG1000A, NG600, NG600A, NG 250, NG 250A, NG 1000, NG 1000A, NG 600, NG 600A

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Reviewed on 3rd may 2017 - LC

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NG 250A-1000A User Manual

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual

Change History How to Use This Manual Introduction Warranties and Liabilities Safety Notices Symbols Safety Notice to Users Technical Specification Environment Generator Outlets Electrical Requirements General Unpacking Removing the generator from the crate Installation Generator Environment General Dimensions Electrical Connection Fuse External Connections Start-up Procedure IMPORT ANT DOCUMENTS Normal Operation Principal of Operation Unusual Operation Service Requirements Service Schedule Service Plans Cleaning 3 3 4 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 8 9 10 10 10 11 11 11 12 13 14 14 14 15 15 15 15

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2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Change History
Rev. 7 8 9 10 11 Comment Content Update Name Liam Couttie Date 04/03/14

How to Use This Manual
This manual is intended for end users and has been written so that it can either be read as a step by step guide to installation and usage or as a reference document where you can skip to the relevant information. Users of a hard copy version can refer to the contents page to find the relevant information. Users of the soft copy version can use the hyperlinks from the contents page as well as the hyperlinks between sections. Please review each of the following sections carefully. Thank you for selecting Peak Scientific to meet your Gas Generation needs, and should you require any further assistance or support please do not hesitate to contact Peak Scientific or the Peak Partner from which you purchased your Generator.

Page 3

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Welcome to the User Manual for the Peak Scientific high purity Nitrogen gas generator. Enclosed in this manual you will find the information required to ensure that your generator is operated and serviced according to our recommended guidelines, which will prepare you for long and trouble free Nitrogen generation. The Peak Scientific High Purity Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with laboratory analytical Instruments as a source of carrier gas. The generator has been designed to operate from an existing source of dry, oil free, compressed air, and an electrical supply. To deliver high volume, clean, dry Nitrogen.

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2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Warranties and Liabilities
1. The Company warrants that it has title to the Goods. 2. Subject to the provisions of this clause the Company warrants that the Goods shall comply in all material respects with any specification referred to in the Order Confirmation (as the same may be amended) and shall, subject thereto, be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lesser of a period of twelve months from the date of delivery or thirteen months from the date of dispatch from the factory. 3. Save as provided in this clause and except where the Goods are sold to a person dealing as a consumer (within the meaning of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law are hereby expressly excluded save to the extent they may not be lawfully excluded. When the Goods are sold to a consumer within the meaning of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 their statutory rights are not affected by the provisions of this clause. 4. In the event of the Customer making a claim in respect of any defect in terms of clause 2 hereof the Customer must. 1. Reasonably satisfy the Company that the Goods have been properly installed, commissioned, stored, serviced and used and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing that any defect is not the direct or indirect result of lack of repair and/or servicing, incorrect repair and/or servicing, use of wrong materials and/or incorrect spare parts 2. Allow the company to inspect the Goods and/or any installation and any relevant packaging as and when reasonably required by the Company. 5. Subject to the Company being notified of any defect as is referred to in sub-clause 2 hereof within a reasonable time of it becoming apparent and subject always to the terms of sub-clause 4 hereof, the Company shall, in its option, replace or repair the defective Goods or refund a proportionate part of the Price. The Company shall have no further liability to the Customer (save as mentioned in sub-clause 6 hereof). 6. The Company shall be liable to indemnify the Customer in respect of any claim for death or personal injury to any person in so far as such is attributable to the negligence or breach of duty of the Company or any failure by the Company to comply with the provisions of sub-clause 2 hereof. 7. Save as provided in sub-clause 2 hereof the Company shall not be liable in respect of any claim by the Customer for costs, damages, loss or expenses (whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise) or indemnity in any respect howsoever arising including, but not by way of limitation, liability arising in negligence (other than pursuant to clause 6 above) that may be suffered by the Customer or any third party.

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2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Safety Notices
This manual uses the following symbols to highlight specific areas important to the safe and proper use of the Generator
A WARNING notice denotes a hazard. It calls attention to an operating procedure, process or similar, which if not correctly performed or adhered to, could cause personal injury or in the worst case death. Do not proceed beyond a WARNING notice until the indicated conditions are fully understood or met. A CAUTION notice denotes a hazard. It calls attention to an operating procedure, process or similar, which if not correctly performed or adhered to, could cause damage to the Generator or the Application. Do not proceed beyond a CAUTION notice until the indicated conditions are fully understood or met.

Caution, risk of electric shock. Ensure power to the Generator has been removed before proceeding.

Safety Notice to Users
These instructions must be read thoroughly and understood before installation and operation of your Peak Generator. Use of the Generator in a manner not specified by Peak Scientific MAY impair the SAFETY provided by the equipment. When handling, operating or carrying out any maintenance, personnel must employ safe engineering practices and observe all relevant local health and safety requirements and regulations. The attention of UK users is drawn to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Institute of Electrical Engineers regulations.

Page 6

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Technical Specification
Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature Maximum Altitude Maximum Relative Humidity Minimum Storage Temperature Maximum Storage Temperature 5°C / 41°F 35°C / 95°F 2000 meters 70% 10°C / 50°F 25°C / 75°F

Generator Outlets
NG250A 250 NG600A 600
Max Flow Rate (cc/min @ 80 psi (5.5 Bar)) Particles Phthalates Suspended Liquids Gas Outlets Start-Up Time For Purity

Electrical Requirements
Voltage Frequency Current 230v (110v) Pollution Degree Installation Category 110/230v 50/60 Hz 2.2 (5.2) A 2 II

Generator Dimensions cm (“) Generator Weight kg (lbs) Shipping Crate Dimensions cm (“) Shipping Weight kg (lbs) 43 (16.9) x 41 (16.1) x 62 (24.4) 33 (73) 33 (73) 45 (99) 59 (23.2) x 57 (22.4) x 85 (33.4) 65 (143) 65 (143) 65 (143)

Page 7

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Although Peak Scientific takes every precaution with safe transit and packaging, it is advisable to fully inspect the unit for any sign of transit damage. Check ‘SHOCKWATCH’ label for signs of rough handling prior to un-packing –

Any damage should be reported immediately to the carrier and Peak Scientific or the Peak Partner from where the unit was purchased. Follow the unpacking instructions posted on the side of the crate. It will require two people to remove the unit from the shipping crate and to manoeuvre the Generator onto the floor. Please save the product packaging for storage or future shipment of the Generator. Note: Included with the Generator is a “Fittings Kit” containing a mains power lead for UK, EU or US and all the required fittings. Be careful not to discard these with the packaging.

Page 8

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Removing the generator from the crate
The generator weighs over 33kg and as such should be unpacked by two people using the following method. All the screws encircled in RED should first be removed from the shipping crate, there are approximately 8 screws. Now, with someone positioned at either side of the shipping crate, the top half of the crate can be lifted upwards and away from the rest of the crate. With the top of the crate removed the foam insert of top of the generator should also be taken off.

The generator can now be lifted out of the crate base and onto the floor. This should be done again with someone positioned at either side. There is a gap in the foam base for hand access; one hand should be positioned here underneath the generator and the other at the back supporting the weight. The generator should then be tilted back slightly and then up and out of the foam base and onto the floor.

Page 9

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Generator Environment
The Generator is designed for indoor use only. It should be installed adjacent to the application it is supplying. If this is not convenient then the unit can be sited elsewhere, however, consideration should be made of the lengths of pipe runs as pressure drops can result from extended runs of pipe. Please see the Tubing lengths section for further details. Performance of the Generator (like all sophisticated equipment) is affected by ambient conditions. Note should also be taken to the proximity of Air Conditioning outlets. These can sometimes give rise to “pockets” of air with high relative humidity. Operation of the unit within such a pocket could adversely affect its performance. Consideration should also be given to the air flow around the unit. It is recommended that an air gap of 75mm (3”) should be maintained down both sides, at the rear and across the top of the unit. Please refer to the drawing below for the general dimensions of the unit. Maximum Ambient Conditions: 25°C (dry bulb) 70%RH (Max) Non-Condensing

General Dimensions

Page 10

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Electrical Connection
Connect the Generator to an appropriate 110/230 volt single-phase supply, refer to the generator serial plate for input specification and ensure your supply matches the requirements If the appropriate power cord is not supplied: a new plug, rated to at least 10 amps, can be fitted by a qualified electrician. This unit is classified as SAFETY CLASS 1. THIS UNIT MUST BE EARTHED. Before connecting the unit to the mains supply, please check the information on the serial plate. The mains supply must be of the stated AC voltage and frequency. EARTH/GROUND (E):Green & Yellow or Green LIVE (L):Neutral (N):Brown Blue or or Black White

Our electrical requirements are 110/230 VAC nominal +/- 10% depending on chosen model. Extended periods at these extremes can have a detrimental effect on the operation and life of the Generator.

The generator protection fuse, in the pull out drawer of the mains inlet IEC connector located adjacent to the off/on switch. The replacement fuse must be rated T10AH250V

External Connections
The Nitrogen Generator should be connected to a clean, dry source of compressed air. A minimum pressure of 120 psi is required. Any doubts as to the suitability of the compressed air supply should be referred to the factory for advice. The generator has two ¼” BSPT bulkhead connections to the left side of the unit. The upper port is the Compressed Air inlet and the lower is the Nitrogen outlet. A ⅛” Swagelok fitting is supplied for connection to the application. There is no drain on this machine. Any moisture liberated by the filter separator is discharged through the high capacity exhaust system, where sudden reduction in pressure causes instant evaporation. The water vapour is safely removed from the unit by the ventilation system.

Nitrogen Outlet Power Switch Power Inlet/Fuse Drawer

Page 11

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Start-up Procedure
With the generator installed as described earlier, connect power to the unit and turn it on. Disconnect the Nitrogen outlet connection to allow the generator to vent to atmosphere until the unit is stabilised. At Switch-on the exhaust valve will open and the generator will commence its venting cycle. This is to allow venting of any residual pressure in the system. The vent cycle may last up to 90 seconds. At the end of the vent cycle, the inlet valve will open and the normal operating cycle will begin. Pressure should begin to build on the gauge on the front panel, reaching 80 psi after approximately 10 minutes. The generator has been pre-set in the factory to give the specified output flow rate and pressure. Once the pressure in the Nitrogen receiver exceeds that setting the generator will stabilise and produce pure Nitrogen. Maximum purity will be achieved after around 8 hours. After this time the generator can be reconnected to the application. The design of the generator is such that it will deliver up to the rated output flow of Nitrogen at 80 psi. Should the demand for Nitrogen be less than the rated output flow, or indeed should the demand stop, the generator will continue to operate without any problems. The generator is protected from over-pressure and its normal operating cycle ensures frequent venting.

Page 12

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Warranty Entitlement
To register your generator for your warranty entitlement, send the completed form to Peak Scientific by: • • • • Email Online Phone Fax http:/ /

+44 (0)141 530 4185 +44 (0)141 812 8200





Important Please Note:
You have 1 month to register your Peak Scientific product from the date of shipment. If you wish to defer installation of your generator you must notify Peak Scientific within 1 month of the shipment date. This can be done by emailing Once registered the warranty will be honoured for a period of 12 months after the installation date. For any generators that remain unregistered the warranty will begin from date of shipment. Thank you on behalf of Peak Scientific.

Page 13

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Normal Operation
Principal of Operation
The High Purity Nitrogen Generator utilizes a ‘Pressure Swing Adsorption’ (PSA) method to extract pure Nitrogen from air. This is where un-wanted gasses can be selectively adsorbed from compressed air into a porous carbon molecular sieve material (CMS). The Peak Scientific Instruments LTD. Generator utilizes a unique single column system where the column is alternately pressurised and vented under a finely tuned timing cycle. The rates of pressurisation and venting are accurately set which guarantees high purity better than can be achieved with a similarly sized traditional 2-column system.

Unusual Operation
If at any time the Generator begins to emit excessive noise or vibration, then it should be switched off and you should contact Peak Scientific or the Peak Partner from which the Generator has been purchased.

Page 14

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

NG Range User Manual
Service Requirements
Service Schedule
Service Interval 6 months 12 months Component Compressor inlet filter Exhaust silencer element Silencer filter Separator filter element Part No. 02-4187 02-4336 02-1016 02-4335 Qty. 1 1 1 1

Table 1: Service schedule As an alternative to purchasing the 12 month service items individually an Annual Service Kit is available as one part number. This contains all the filters required for this Generator and offers a costs saving over buying the components separately.
Purchase Interval 12 months Component Service Kit NG250A-5000A Part No. 08-4704 Qty. 1

Service Plans
Peak Scientific offer two service plans. The Complete Service Plan, specifically designed for Generators operated in critical environments, also includes full breakdown cover, guaranteed response times and Generator upgrades if available. Our Standard Service Plan, covering the basic needs of our Generators, features special deals on spare parts and breakdowns. If you want to know more about our Service Plan options and how we ensure that your instrument can run with the maximum uptime and performance, please contact us at

Clean the outside of the Generator only using warm soapy water and a clean damp cloth. Ensure the cloth is thoroughly rung out to remove excess fluid prior to use. Cleaning should only be undertaken with the power switched off and the power cord removed from the rear of the Generator.

Under no circumstances should any solvents or abrasive cleaning solutions be used as these can contain fumes that could be harmful to the Generator.

Page 15

2014 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 7 – 04/03/14

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