Making Us Your Local Gas Generation Partner - Brand Proposition 

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27 August 18

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27 August 19


Making Us Your Local Gas Generation Partner - Brand Proposition

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Making us

Your local gas generation partner

A brief history
Robin MacGeachy

Established over 20 years ago by our founder and Chairman
Robin MacGeachy, Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the
design, manufacture and support of high performance gas
generators for analytical laboratories, with direct operations in
every continent around the world. Despite experiencing rapid
growth and expanding our reach and headcount, Peak continues
to be a family owned business that has people at the heart of our
proposition and our brand identity.
Our values are structured around our colleagues, our customers and
our service, and while our approach and atmosphere within the
business is fun, friendly and informal, our priority is always on
delivering successful outcomes for our customers. These
company values are what inform and protect our unique culture,
which in turn shapes our brand and differentiates us in the eyes
of our partners around the world.
Our values, culture and brand are all intrinsically linked. Each driven
by our commitment to always do the right thing.

Our Promise

Our commitment is to provide your laboratory with a reliable
gas generation solution that delivers long term value. We
achieve this through exceptional product design, and direct
global on-site support that is unmatched in our industry.
We take a vested interest in your outcomes and strive to
be a valued partner in your success by delivering
exceptional service over the life of the product.

Your local gas
generation partner
Our driving instinct is to directly support our customers wherever they may be, ensuring
successful outcomes from using our products and being ready to meet their needs whenever
called upon. It is this instinct (some may call it obsession) that drives our growth and expanding
global reach. Our first step into any new region is a service professional, not a sales person
or other commercial presence. While we may have grown to become a global organisation,
our brand reputation is built around our local expertise and specific understanding of your
laboratory’s gas needs, wherever we do business.
Page- 2



dedicated employees

service personnel
directly supporting

400 100

world wide
support centers

Page- 3

Your local gas
generation partner
Our goal is to provide you with technology
that helps you to streamline your workflow and
ultimately reduce costs. The ability to generate gas
on demand translates to convenience and
productivity as well as making sound economic
sense in the long run. Providing your laboratory
applications with a reliable source of gas at the
push of a button, a Peak gas generator takes away
the hazards and inconvenience of cylinders in your
lab, allowing you to work more efficiently and, as a
result, be more productive.

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There are many companies offering gas generator products, but we are
unique. Laboratory professionals turn to Peak because we go further to
provide them with what they really want – to not have to think about
their gas supply in the laboratory. Our ethos is to own that responsibility
for your gas, never hesitating to go the extra mile and do the right
thing by our customer. We take pride in our product and our ability
to support it every step of the way.
Research and development forms a core part of Peak’s restless
nature. Always striving to innovate, do things differently and
driven towards ensuring the best solution for our customers. Our
brand value is anchored in our expertise in the laboratory
market, and in our unrivalled understanding of those
customers’ specific needs.

Page- 5

You can always
rely on Peak
to be there
you need us.

Page- 6

Your local gas
generation partner
Our goal at Peak Scientific isn’t simply to sell you a gas generator, it’s to
become your local gas generation partner. We see ourselves not just
as a manufacturing business but as a company dedicated to providing
integrated solutions, fully invested in your laboratory’s success. This
means our customer relationship does not end when you receive
your gas generator, that is just the beginning.
We strive to support you with our product every step of
the way, giving you the peace of mind that has become
synonymous with our brand identity.

Page- 7

A brand built
on strong
Peak Scientific’s brand value comes from the combination
of three key foundations of our business – technology,
service and the unique way we do things. These three
essential elements of Peak are strongly represented in our
visual identity by the ‘3 foundation blocks’ brand device.
Each layer supports those above, with our culture all
important, under-pinning everything we do; whether
it’s the premium technology we manufacture or the
unmatched on-site maintenance support we deliver. Our
culture is what makes us truly special and is something
that we work tremendously hard to protect, even as the
business has grown rapidly.

Page- 8

The tiers represent the
three core foundations
of our brand

What sets us apart is the
service we provide in the
form of [Peak Protected]
support delivered directly by
service engineers in over 20
countries worldwide.


Our products are the result of
our meticulous R&D culture
developed over two decades
of being at the forefront of
the laboratory gas generator



Since our earliest days, our
reputation has grown from
the way in which we live
and breath shared values to do the right thing by our

Page- 9

People define our
culture, culture
defines our brand
We take great pride in the unique culture we have at Peak Scientific,
and take great care to hire talented people aligned with our company
values who are naturally committed to doing the right thing, be that
for customers, colleagues or suppliers. Nurturing this culture over two
decades has enabled Peak to grow to its current position, as well as
shaping and infusing our brand identity by virtue of the way that
people, both customers and suppliers alike, prefer to do business
with us – and for the long term.
We continually invest in our staff and strive to provide a happy
work environment and a culture of respect and reward. We are
extremely proud of our business and the people that make it
what it is, with many employees having already celebrated
their 10 year milestones and some having been with Peak
since the very start. We recognize that motivated employees
are responsible for creating happy customers and this
relationship is one we will continue to nurture.

Page- 10

At Peak we endeavour to improve the world around us in
any small way we can, which is why we are proud of the
positive impact our gas generators have on people and the
environment globally.
Our products support customers across a variety of
important scientific sectors such as drug discovery, life
sciences, petrochemical, food testing, environmental
and forensics. Additionally, in making the choice to
invest in a Peak gas generator instead of traditional
gas cylinders or bulk liquid tanks, we help
customers to reduce their carbon footprint and
lessen any environmental impact by eliminating
recurring deliveries of gas.

Page- 11

anything is possible when
we put our minds to it

Page- 12

Always aiming higher
As far as we have come in 20 years, we never rest on our laurels. Nor do we see ourselves becoming
corporate. We are a global family, but with our business entirely in our hands, we are able to push
ourselves to continually improve and set ourselves higher goals.

We strive to make better products. Deliver better service.
Give our customers a better experience.

Respect for customers, suppliers, and colleagues
Freedom with responsibility
Restless - constantly striving to improve
Fun & Passion in everything we do

We may not be the biggest, but we believe we are better formed. Driven by a belief that anything is
possible when we put our minds to it, whatever the challenge or need. Even as we continue to grow
into a global leader in our field, our strong company values help to guide and shape our brand identity
and reputation.

These are our signposts that inform our future and ensure our brand continues to mean the same as it
did from the moment the business was born two decades ago.

It is that brand promise that we hope will allow you to feel
confident in making us your local gas generation partner.
Page- 13

Copyright Peak Scientific - Brand Promise - Rev3 - 27/08/2018

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